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Originally Posted by Tenagain View Post
I've pretty much made up my mind that my next acquire will be an RIA 10mm. I really like the idea of a high capacity "1911" but I've never had the opportunity to fondle one. Is there any MAJOR difference in the overall feel of a double stack? I'm kinda torn as the hi cap keeps calling to me but the single stack with 10 rounds of 10mm is nothing to sneeze at either. Just wondering about the overall experience from those who own 1911's and 2011's.
I used to shoot a 2011 in IPSC competitions, but those were usually less than 150 round over 3-4 hours - no problems.

Used one in a Front Sight 4-day handgun class, and on the 3rd day my trigger side forearm cramped up to the point where I had to sit out some of the exercises.
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