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I will confess to having made purchases on GunBroker. Frankly, I have never gotten a great deal. At best, I've gotten okay deals.

Something that is about to sell for well under its true value seems always to get a bid at that value or close to it. Sometimes, this probably a savvy gun trader; sometimes, it's probably a shill account managed by the seller or a friend of his because it's better to eat the gunbroker sales fee than lose too much on the price. (Of course, this is immoral and these sellers should be banned.)

I will never bid on anything on GunBroker before carefully going through the Seller's feedback. Is his feedback for selling or just for buying? Has he been on the site for a long time? Then I sort by rating, from low-to-high, as opposed to date. Some "A+" sellers have almost no negative feedback, but others have over 5% negative feedback, while still being "A+." Assuming the seller doesn't have a lot of negative feedback compared to other "A+" sellers, I look at how the seller responds to the negative feedback. If the seller remains polite and professional, which can include denying the assertions made by the buyer, then I am satisfied. However, a seller who becomes insulting, even if provoked, will not get any bids from me.

On the other hand, it is also a very real thing that some buyers will get exactly what they saw in the photos, in the condition described, in a very timely manner, and then try to extort sellers for a discount by threatening to give a bad rating. These buyers should be banned too.
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