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2011 Input needed:

A full power hi capacity 10 mm is a good choice for hunting or self defense, but it is not good for everyone since not all people can handle the recoil when firing fast controlled pairs...…

A person needs to be objective, but realize their own abilities and training. I like and use hi capacity 2011 pistols in competition and for self defense, but I have been shooting these pistols in various calibers for over 30 years..... I know the .45acp is a great cartridge, and many like a wide diameter bullet for self defense, however, my personal preference is for a fast muzzle velocity and lighter JHP bullet that will expand upon impact..... I can shoot my STI 2011 .38 super with hot loads much faster and get good hits faster than I could with my heavier hi capacity Para .45acp....or a Glock 21 (which I used as a LEO)

A person should first find out if they can shoot a hot loaded 10mm round fast and accurately. The FBI sought the 10mm at one time as their duty weapon, however many agents had problems with recoil, and the agency moved to the 9mm.

For self defense, only good hits on the perpetrator count, so a person should shoot the caliber of their choice where they can shoot fast and accurately Some people may think it only takes one good hit with a 10mm to stop an attack, but in a dynamic and fast shooting situation where the bad guy may be moving, it is best to keep shooting until the threat stops.....so fast multiple shots are best.....and make the choice of caliber based on your ability and training to be able to fire fast and accurately!

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