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Pix will follow but I finally got it to the range yesterday. I only worked at 50 yards, trying to zero in the sights...and myself. I hadn't fired a rifle since 1964 in basic training. The trouble with the outdoor range is that you have to wait for a cease fire before you can walk out to your targets and see how you did. I'm shooting consistently low and right. On the positive side, I could cover all my shots on the targets with one hand. Later that night I found my windage adjustment was a notch to the left, and my elevation was not aligned properly. Typical newbe mistakes. But I think I also need to work on breathing and trigger pull. And I may take the ammo pouch off the stock, it is right where I want to put my cheek. I'm going to try an indoor range this week that might allow a small size round in a long gun...only 25 yards but I can have more frequent access to the targets...and I can make target size do the work of distance, at least for this tuning period. The gun never missed a beat...fed the Hornady Critical Defense and PPU (Serbian) ball ammo through 6 different magazines without a hiccup. And yes, pictures to follow.
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