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Originally Posted by Kevin Rohrer View Post
I don't recommend anyone buy STI right now. They are having internal problems and their communications w/ customers are poor. It seems like they are going thru internal strife and reorganization.
Agree...Although I love the way my STI shoots, one of my best, it has been back 3X, one for a craked slide, in 2 years. Not built in the same class as say a Wilson Combat. In the past great CS made up for the aggravation, but the last time it went back the communication was impossible...

Also, if you are looking at 45 OP, look elsewhere, the involvement of STI with 45 cal guns is fading really fast. Few models and I have been waiting for their 10 Round Gen 2 45 mags for years now. With the re-branding/takeover I doubt they will ever make them at this point.

If I can get my STI to shoot trouble free for 3 years or so, and if STI gets their CS act back together I may consider another some day (as they do shoot so well), but for now I am avoiding.
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