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STI 2011 guns....

I like and use STI 2011 guns for self defense and action shooting sports, and build my own guns from parts. I have various high cap pistols in different lengths and models....and my Para Ordnance 45acp all steel pistol is a bit heavier than my STI guns since the Para is all steel, while the STI 2011 is lighter since it uses a polymer/modular grip. My S&W M&P Pro Series 9mm, which is a high cap pistol, may be slightly lighter than my STI 2011 guns.....

I built an STI 2011 for USPSA Open Div., and used an STI Tru Bor barrel with comp. The barrel came short chambered so I had to use a 9mm chamber reamer. The gun works fine, is very accurate, and I have two STI 2011 170mm 9mm/mags that hold 27 rounds each, and several 140mm mags.

I also use the above gun for Action Steel matches. Since there is no restriction on the mag length, I took an older 170mm mag, took and cut down an old STI 2011 126mm mag, and extended the mag by welding them together. My long STI 2011 mag works fine, since the weld is below the grip, and I used a full length Wolff spring that also works fine.....The mag will hold 35 rounds plus one in the chamber. When we have a stage that requires over 27 rounds, I use the long 35 round mag to save time having to reload.....most stage designs in action steel in my area are 25-27 rounds, I can usually use my STI 9mm 170mm mag that holds 27+1 rounds and not have to make a reload......
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