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Originally Posted by 1911crazy View Post
In ct first ban was large capacity mags. When the ban ran out it was oh you can own them again. Then it was required to register semi autos that meet the requirements of there choosing. And register large capacity mags. First we can own them then we canít, take one step forward and two steps back. Itís crazy. Now itís 35% ammo tax. Thatís $35 on every $100 thatís spent.
This is how ďconfiscationĒ will be done. It wonít be cops going door to door taking them or a repeal of the 2A. It will be a continuing list of restrictive laws passed by blue state governments (and God forbid, the federal government if the dems get full control) that will make gun ownership inconvenient if not impossible and the 2A will become just words on paper.
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