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Got My First WC Handgun

Well after lots of mental gymnastics, I finally manned up and got my first 1911 and first WC handgun...a CQB Elite Commander in 9mm (flame suit is on!). I will say it was quite scary dropping that amount of coin on a "tool", but as they say, "go big or go home".

I'm basically a new shooter and have owned a G19 Gen 4 for the past 7 years and probably shot less than 500 rounds through it (and didn't shoot it for probably 4 years until recently). My annual gathering of my high school friends (class of 1980) led to some gun talk with the fellas and I got fired up to shoot again.

So I grab the G19 and take it to a nice, new indoor range close to me and start shooting. Well maybe because I've watched too much John Wick, Jack Ryan, The Equalizer and other other assorted gun movies/shows, I was having a total blast at the range. So much so that I became a member, started buying ammo and targets and going to the range 1 or 2 times a week.

Well of course I needed a new gun. So I spent too much time on the internet and YouTube and decided to get the Sig P226 Legion RX (DA/SA). Since I got the 226, I spent even more time on the internet and YouTube (thanks to an approximate 2.5 hour round trip commute to NYC) and ended up watching a lot of 1911 gun reviews.

Then I said hey I live in NJ and we have a 10rd capacity and we can't carry, so I probably should have gotten a 1911 instead of the 226. Now the WC orbit was pulling me in big time. Man do I want one of those.

My debate was should I get a full size or commander. 95.9% of the time would be on a range, maybe 4% on some classes and 0.1% for SD screams full size. But I'm 58 and the eyes aren't great so maybe a commander. Bill W likes a commander so hey that's a positive. I check the in stock guns on the WC website and see a full size CQB 9mm that has the BP magwell on it. I hesitate too long and it's gone. Then I see a CQB Elite Commander 9mm that has a fluted chamber and counter sunk slide stop (yay) but it's black and OD green (meh). I start working with George and Gunslinger and finally man up and take the WC plunge on that gun. George was super easy to deal with and I would recommend him to anyone.

So far I've only shot 180 rounds over 2 trips to the range and the gun is everything I was expecting. No problems with 115g and 124g Federal and some 115g Fiocchi. I'm not shooting it that well yet...mostly shots are going left...not low left. Still learning how to use the thumb safety. The trigger as just great. Hope to get access to a Lyman just to see the pull weight. It took me way too long to pull the slide stop out and get it back in when I lubed the gun.

It will probably take me several years of consistent training to get proficient at shooting the gun. My MO isn't to shoot 4 times a year and be satisfied to hit the target anywhere. I'd like to be able to shoot tight groups at decent distances. This will be a very long process, but I am looking forward to it. I've already signed up for a Larry V one-day pistol course in CT in April.

I know this has been a painfully boring read if you got to this point. But I just felt compelled to tell my story (and I don't feel like doing much work). You guys in the WC forum have been great answering the many stupid questions I've asked over the past several weeks. If I was a smarter man, I would have stuck with the G19 and put the money I spent on the CQB towards ammo and training. Maybe I'll get it right the next time around.

Anyway, if you find yourself in need of an indoor range in Northern NJ, give me a shout.
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