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Originally Posted by TRSOtto View Post
And a 1911 is not a platform.....
It would be if I were running for office!

Back to the OP. All good choice there. I have a WC CQB built in 2004 that is a tremendous firearm; accurate and dependable. I liked it so much I sent by 1987 Colt Combat Elite off to WC for a rebuild. They did a phenomenal job. Once everything was finished at their shop WC sent the slide off Turnbull for a re-blue. The Combat Elite is so beautiful now I almost hate to shoot it, but it too is flawless and a tack driver.

I am sure you would be fine with any of the choices. Practice a lot. As for the 9mm v .45 ACP debate you can find articles and posts arguing both ways going back many decades.

My advice: buy all three.
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