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SRP EDC 10 years on

After trying Sigs, Glocks, Kahr, and Wilsons, in 2009 I picked up a Les Baer SRP and instantly knew this was the EDC I had been looking for. (Illinois gun for those wondering.)

In 2011, a man and woman team tried to car jack me. Thankfully, that was a day the SRP was within hand’s reach. Skipping the details, a full size 1911 cocked and coming up into the woman’s face is an inspirational sight, which stopped them without pulling the trigger thankfully.
Since that moment, this pistol goes on when I dress in the morning and does not come off until it is time to undress. This pistol is within reach 24 hours a day other than being in the shower or going into a place where concealed carry is prohibited.
This pistol is carried as shown in the first photo on a belt against my skin, so it does not pull down my pants. It often is soaked in sweat, has been on in boats in saltwater, drenched in a rain storm for 12 hours, and goes in and out of a holster every day.
While it shows wear, to me it has held up unbelievably well for what it goes through.
It saved my life and I trust it will again if needed, but hopefully that day never comes.
One important note - please carry 100% of the time. There is no way to know when or where that emergency split second need will occur. I never really thought it would happen to me.
We sit in cars that cost $30,000+ or far more. Carry the very best and don’t worry about wear or rust spots. Those are badges showing it is doing its job.
Thank you Les Baer and every one that works there.
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