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All three make outstanding guns from what I have heard however I think there are more diffrences when you compare Les Baer to the other two.

Les Baer has the phylosiphy of making extremely accurate guns using really tight tolerances. Their finish is not always the nicest and their frames are also non standard sizes. They use a couple cast parts which some don't like as well. But overall of the three the less expwensive and real nice guns using an old school mentality.

Ed Brown is extremely comparable with regards to the same qualty you can get from a Wilson Combat but typically for a little less and generally with less options. I'm talking mostly aestethic with regards to some of the serrations or checkeriing that will cost you more on a Wilson Combat. My understading is Ed Brown uses standard sights were Wilson Combats are proprietary and you would only be able to use what Wilson Combat offers and not some others like you can with an Ed Brown 1911. Ed Brown has the only written Life time waranty.

It's my uderstand Wilson Combat makes an extremely solid, dependable 1911 with the indusrtries best customer service. Wilson Combat is known for standing behind their product regardless if you are the first, fifth, or upteenth owner. No written warranty but they do stand behind their product.

With regards to Nighthawk and their one gun one gunsmith philosiphy I understand you never know what to expect from one gun to another. Maybe you could if you stuck with one gunsmith in particular but it seems there are some unevenness in what you can expect. Gorgeous guns from what I understand.

Heard nothing but good things about Guncrafters but have not thouroughly researched them.

I only have 4 Wiilson Combats and one Dan Wesson and all of my Wilson Combats were purchased late last year so my experience is slim to none but going off of threads I have come accross and experiences others have shared.
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