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9mm vs 45 is really personal preference. The traditionalist will say a 1911 should be 45 acp. But many folks shoot 9mm better and it's certainly cheaper to practice with. YMMV here. Again, it purely personal preference.

As for the three brands you listed, there are no bad choices. They each make a very fine 1911 in their own unique style. Try to figure out which one speaks to you more.

However, with the above said, I would also take a look at reputation for service after the sale. In this area I believe Wilson Combat stands out above the others. That is purely my subjective opinion. Others may feel differently.

At this level you might also want to look at Nighthawk and Guncrafter as I would put them on par with the other three you listed. And I don't know if you were looking at 5" guns or 4/4.25". But for a carry gun...and in 9mm, I would go with a 4" gun. Take a look at the Wilson EDC X9 too if you haven't already. Because that is certainly an interesting option.

Good luck and welcome to the forum!
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