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WC, Ed Brown ir Les Baer

I am fairly new to this site and appreciate the great depth of knowledge and experience that is here. I currently have a Sig Fastback Nightmare in 357 sig that has never failed. unfortunately I went into local gun store that had amazing 1911’s. I had the following in front of me ready to make a decision when I chickened out and ran home: Wilson Combat CQB 9mm, Ed Brown 9mm EVO CCO LW, and Les Baer Stinger 45 ACP. The plan would be for carry purposes, and range.

I have never fired any of these. The WC and EB slides feel like they are on glass ball bearings if that’s anything. The Les Baer is old
school 45 ACP 1911 that just feels awesome.

I am leaning hard towards 9mm because it is just easier. And it seems from my research that 9mm 1911’s are very reliable.

Questions are :

1911 45 acp vs 1911 9mm?
I know all 3’manufacturers are the best but do you have a clear cut leader?

Ammo wise I have a generous inventory of both calibers so that is a non issue for me.

Thanks in advance for you help.
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