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Originally Posted by combat auto View Post

As far as the article, I am tired of typing it myself, but until we act as a national unit 5,000,000 NRA members strong to fight in any state at any time, along with the Gun-industry being much more politically active, we will remain at a disadvantage...We have seen some small glimmer of this happening (out of stater's joining the VCDL, donating to the Patriots, and even marching in VA) due to the VA situations, but we need to do a lot more.
You've said it all right here. If we keeping looking to our "government representatives" to rescue the Constitution, our country will end up in even more trouble than we have now. We have to become a 5,000,000 person army that will surround government buildings and take to the streets. Right now, the sheep in the middle are letting the Left push them into accepting socialism. But if we beat the Left at their own game, we have a fighting chance. But unless we actually put our bodies out there...again and again and again and again...we will lose. And if we lose, your had better start studying what Clint Smith calls Close Combat Conflict Resolution...or Urban Rifle 2.

I would much rather win this cultural war politically...if possible. But I'm not willing to lose it, period.
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