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When I'm selling beautiful hot rods & muscle cars, as I do regularly, it's common for me to be offered trades for crappy worthless cars I wouldn't take for free:

"Hey, Man, would you swap your 1964 GTO for my '78 Volare Wagon?"

Or I'll have a car, well-priced, at $15k and I get asked if I'll take "$3000 CASH" the word cash being in all caps, or if on the phone spoken with great emphasis.

????????????? CASH ?????????? ----------- as opposed to $3000 worth of oysters or Pez dispensers ?? What the heck?

Other times I see ordinary classics like a 4 Door Falcon ($4k value) with an asking price of $25,000. When people are on crack like that they always also post "serious buyers only. Don't waste my time" it's hilarious.

Lastly, is this one: When negotiating price guys will say "yes, the paint looks great but I'm going to change it to red. And THAT'S gonna cost me $8,000"

As if it's MY obligation to discount MY price to accommodate HIS stupid ideas.

Okay enough marketplace bitching. But I have no doubt that guys who sell a lot of guns run into these exact same situations.
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