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Originally Posted by WaterDR View Post
Guys....I think there are a few too many assumptions being made here 🙂

I may be a nut, but I am a good nut. I assure you I am 100% normal person 😉 and I am by no means obsessed with this issue and let it go two 10 mins after it happened.

I asked a smart ass question.....but itís reasonable. There are two Q5 guns out there and one is $800 more than the other.

If I had this listing and someone had asked me the same, I most certainly had not responded with a dribble of emails taking about penis size, dick sucking, Bernie voting insults. This morning is the first day I have not gotten an email from the guy, so I suspect he has moved on.

At this point I donít know if heís mentally ill, has anger issues or just messing with me. Either is fine with me.

He does not seem to be a regular seller but just a ďnormalĒ guy.

I wished him luck with the sale but then told him if he wants to add a set of diamond earrings to keep me in mind.

Itís actually not a bad idea. Buy some earrings for your wife and get a gun with purchase 🙂

Maybe I am on to something.

So....I'm just getting up after a brief post-night shift nap......and I read this post.

LMAO at this whole thing.

You called him on what you perceived as inordinate pricing....and then he went full potato on you.

You may have inadvertently poked the bear.....the crazy bear.

There are some whack-jobs out there for sure.

Thanks for the laughs. My day is starting wonderfully......now...that damn coffee maker better be have my java ready.
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