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Guys....I think there are a few too many assumptions being made here 🙂

I may be a nut, but I am a good nut. I assure you I am 100% normal person 😉 and I am by no means obsessed with this issue and let it go two 10 mins after it happened.

I asked a smart ass question.....but it’s reasonable. There are two Q5 guns out there and one is $800 more than the other.

If I had this listing and someone had asked me the same, I most certainly had not responded with a dribble of emails taking about penis size, dick sucking, Bernie voting insults. This morning is the first day I have not gotten an email from the guy, so I suspect he has moved on.

At this point I don’t know if he’s mentally ill, has anger issues or just messing with me. Either is fine with me.

He does not seem to be a regular seller but just a “normal” guy.

I wished him luck with the sale but then told him if he wants to add a set of diamond earrings to keep me in mind.

It’s actually not a bad idea. Buy some earrings for your wife and get a gun with purchase 🙂

Maybe I am on to something.
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