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Originally Posted by Black Jack View Post
No, this is not specifically about the current Coronavirus outbreak, but I am using it as an example.

The current Coronavirus outbreak has hit at least 4 continents and over 30 countries and almost 30,000 infected, yet they are still talking about "if the virus becomes a global pandemic".

What does it take to declare something a Pandemic???

It is infectious. It has gone global. It has hit an infection count in the 10's of thousands. It continues to spread without a known cure or vaccine.

According to what I have read, that more than qualifies as a pandemic. Am I missing something, or are they just trying not to cause a mass panic in the sheep? Are they only going to declare something a pandemic after the fact, for the history books?
30k cases, and < 700 deaths, on a rock with 7.7 BILLION people, does not a pandemic make....
Conversely, in an era when world travel was painstakingly slow, the 1918 influenza pandemic infected full 20% of the worlds population, about half of whom died...
So, when about 1.5 billion people are infected, we'll be in the realm of pandemic....
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