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Originally Posted by wc145 View Post
I also bought a Carryhawk. You should measure the barrel because it's not 4", it's 4 5/8" like a standard Blackhawk. Ruger says that's the way it is, TALO says "Whoops, our mistake, we just quoted the specs we were given", never mind they're the ones that arranged the guns to be built by Ruger.

When I ordered mine the first one came with all the screw heads chewed up and adhesive all around the front sight and on the barrel, and the finish was marred. I had the dealer return it and get me another. That one had the wrong rear sight blade and the wrong grips. Ruger made good on the sight and grips but neither they nor TALO care that the barrel is not the length they advertised and that shorter barrel is one of the main reasons I bought the gun.
VERY interesting!
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