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Of course along with such confidence that governments would never keep a raging pandemic from the public. We have to look at things in terms of illegal immigration.

We have those SJWs who keep screaming for open borders and sanctuary cities. All the travel bans and quarantines on travelers from highly infected areas will do much when you have, and have had for a long time, people from China, Africa, and other potentially hot areas, just flowing in across the border illegally. No med checks and once they reach a sanctuary city they are protected from being discovered. It starts to sound like the beginning of one of those disease disaster movies.

Consider that even if infected illegals are caught. First they probably travelled in groups and were in tight quarters together. Especially those who were smuggled stuffed in vehicles. Even if some of the infected got caught there were probably several they had been in close contact with who made it across.

Then think about any who were infected that got caught and sent to detention centers. By the time someone has been able to give them a medical exam or noticed that they had more than just a case of the sniffles there has been plenty of time for the infections to be passed around in to crowded, close quarters conditions. Also for BP agents, admin, and medical personnel to have gone home and spent time with family and friends before they realized they were sick. Or maybe they weren't sick, but carriers.

Remember back during Obama when they had all those kids coming in with a variety of diseases. They tried to keep it quiet, but a few medical folks who worked the shelters/detention centers let slip some of the things they were dealing with. The part that should have caused concern was that these kids were transported to the centers in commercial busses and commercial aircraft. The same busses and aircraft that would be going back into service to carry everyday travellers. I doubt those craft were fully and completely disinfected and inspected.

I can't find it now, but several years ago there was a movie that I think was made by National Geographic. It was a depiction of a widespread epidemic. The movie showed the things happening to those who tried to leave the city and suburbs. Mostly not good. The general message seemed to be to have a 90 day supply of all necessities and stay in your house. Don't go out, stay away from other people, and stick it out at home. The reasoning was that the worst of a viral epidemic will have rolled through and done most of what it was going to do within those 90 days. Everyone who stayed isolated would not have contracted the disease. Those who had were either dead or cured by the 90 days.

Interesting things to think of. That and how long before one of those biological, weaponized diseases no one is supposed to be working on gets loose outside a lab and goes out of control and without any countermeasures available. Of if there is one it's being held back by whoever created it because they don't want to let anyone know they were creating such things in the first place or have the source lead back to them. Only when it's too late might they bring forth a vaccine or actual treatment.

Nothing to see. Move along. Governments and government sponsored labs are only thinking of you and doing all they can to protect you. Rest easy.
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