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Originally Posted by DubfromGa View Post
Originally Posted by Striker2237 View Post
Absolutely doesn't risk any harm to you, you can hold it with the slide touching your chest and fire and the blast is not going to hurt you. Flash is LESS than an uncomped gun by a large margin and it only effects a much smaller section of your vision, comps are nothing at all like porting in those two areas.

You will not be able to tell a difference firing a comped gun vs uncomped with no ear pro, your hearing gets rung out instantly with both so it won't matter at all. I tried it and found no difference at all

Comps are literally cheating my .45 compact with 230g +P HSTs doing 950-70 out of my exact gun have less left recoil and WAY less muzzle deflection than 185g going 990 out of a full-size Ed brown wearing a light a optics (20oz heavier gun). It also has less deflection than a Glock 19 shooting 124 HST, if I opt for normal loadings it's FASTER than my full-size all steel 9mm 1911 in all drills, with my usual it's about a tie except for first shot speed and the FAST drill. Once you try a gun with a comp you will not go back, be warned a comped Glock only has about 12% reduction vs the obscene reduction seen in 1911s, CZs, and SIGs

Thank you for your sharing your experience and knowledge.

I've never fired a comped gun....just ported hunting weapons.

A comped commander would fit just fine in holsters made for 5", I suppose.

I'd looked into the WC .460 Rowland but never really gave the matter much thought for my carry cartridges.

Sounds like it would be a welcome enhancement. [IMG class=inlineimg]https://forums.1911forum.com/images/smilies/rock.gif[/IMG]
.460 is badass, I have a 5 inch colt in .460 and with 185 at like 1600 or some stupid number like that (1000ish lb/ft) it actually doesn't lift as much as an uncomped .45 but the rearward force is higher.
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