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After firing a few boxes of ammo through the Staccato P, I needed to run a few mags through one of my trusty favorites, the Dan Wesson Specialist Commander 9mm, to inform the article I am working on about recoil. My Specialist is just one of the guns that just feels perfect in my hands, it is also one of my most accurate pistols. Though it's been a few months since I shot it, once I inserted the loaded magazine and raised it toward the target, it felt like I was born with this gun in my hand. Hey, now that I think about it, maybe that's why I had my birthdate engraved in the frame?

Typical Inside 10 Yards Performance

Yesterday I received my most recent Wilson Combat purchase back from Wilson Combat. I had them round the square butt on my new bronze-frame Carry Comp 9mm Compact. I ran 100 rounds through it to help contribute toward the break-in of this particular Carry Comp; I hit 500 rounds today I am also going to be using my Carry Comps heavily in the article about recoil I am working on. While the action may not be quite as fast as the action on my Staccato P, there is no defensive handgun manufactured in 9mm that has recoil as mild as my Carry Comps. The Carry Comp in 9mm is documented to have over 60% less recoil than a typical 9mm carry pistol. There is simply no doubt about it. If you shoot a WC Carry Comp side by side with any other 9mm carry gun you can come can up with, you will see exactly what I'm talking about.

Typical Wilson Combat Carry Comp results inside 10 yards

Spent almost three hours at the range with these four pistols today and enjoyed every second of it! Next time you are felling stressed out at work, I suggest slipping out to the range for a few hours. Golf just doesn't it for me!

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