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The perfect companion to my 1911 .45

I pick it up tomorrow...a 1944 Underwood M1 Carbine. I didn't realize how much I didn't know until after I bought. During the 10 day waiting period I've been doing a lot of reading. I am amazed at how many spare parts are available. NOS barrels, or very very good ones, bolts, trigger groups, pins, springs, stocks, etc. I could easily have built my own off of ebay. I'll find out how original mine is when I get to sit it down next to the books that document the entire production period. It has been refinished so it is not a "collector" grade weapon. And because you can mix and match parts, I'm more interests in having the most reliable and usable shooter. Still, keeping all the parts as close to "Underwood" as possible is also a goal. I'm not going to worry about negative opinions...this will be my gun, and it will be kept to my standards. I also found several magazines and I now have five, some new and some vintage. I'll work them all and see which the gun likes best. Also have a 4 mag pouch, and a 2 mag butt pouch...so I think 60 rounds ready to go will be good enough for home defense, and for the range. In the process I came across a drum mag pouch...which I am using as an over the shoulder carrier for my 1911 mags...it will easily hold 15. I used it tonight in a dry fire reloading exercise. Not as quick as a belted mag pouch but if I decide I need a couple of those, they are easy to pick up. But this gives me a high ammo capacity that is easy to carry. What I also like about the Carbine is how easy it is to strip and clean. All in all, a perfect companion to my pistols. Just as God and the US Army intended. I'll give a range report and pictures as soon as I can.
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