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Couple of relevant notes;

CCI now has SV target ammo sold in 50 round, lighter blue paper boxes marked with a red stripe with TARGET on it. It has the same last 4 digits (0035) as their other SV, 40 gr, target loads with a muzzle velocity of 1070 fps. However, this newer ammo has a lot more problems with failure to feed/eject in several semi-auto target pistols. Bullseye shooters avoid this ammo like the plague and CCI hasn't solved the problem yet.

The Aguila (made in Mexico) .22 LR cartridges are no longer "Eley primed". They are now using their own, newer priming compound - probably the spray on type. However, I've used thousands of Agula ammo in my target pistols with very few problems. Their SV "Super Extra" 40 gr. ammo is a bargain.
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