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Originally Posted by Nitro.45 View Post
Which brings up a good point, and I get that he was unopposed.
Why in the world has no one taken the time to address the district and inform them of the snake in the grass?? I also doubt that a majority look upon his LGBT flag waving as an honorable trait. Even if he is unopposed, someone can lay the groundwork to unseat him later.
The people in his district hate conservatives and especially conservative gun enthusiasts more than they hate anyone else. That is why he is so appealing to them. I doubt Trump will get 20% of the vote there. And these are people who have on average high IQ's but they consider us the threat while they adore power hungry communists like their own representative Levine. It defies explanation but I would way while they might be ethnic Jews, as far as religion goes, they left Judaism long ago and their real religion is Leftism. I bet Obama got 90% of their vote and they would do so even as he is putting them on the trains.
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