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Originally Posted by HT77 View Post
Here is a brief profile of him which I posted in the other thread on this topic.
He will have that seat as long as he wants.

Worked for Barney Frank
Harvard/Yale education
"Constitutional" lawyer
Nazi hunter
Jewish historian
LGBT rights activist

He ran unopposed in his heavily Jewish district and the only Virginia delegate to get more than 30,000 votes.

I wonder how many of the thousands of Jews that voted for him know the history of gun control in Germany just prior to the time Jews were rounded up and sent to the camps.
Which brings up a good point, and I get that he was unopposed.
Why in the world has no one taken the time to address the district and inform them of the snake in the grass?? I also doubt that a majority look upon his LGBT flag waving as an honorable trait. Even if he is unopposed, someone can lay the groundwork to unseat him later.
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