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Originally Posted by johnireland View Post
If you want to do something more permanent to stop them from trying again and again and again, you need to make sure that this November you election a Republican House, Senate, and President. We need at least two more strict conservatives on the Supreme Court. That is the strongest hand we can play.
Unfortunately, these gun grabbers are doing a State Constitutional Amendment which is then presented as a referendum on the November general ballot directly to the voters. Even if the state legislature is all Republican and the Governor is Republican, if the referendum is approved by the voters, it supersedes any legislated law passed by the state legislature and signed into law. The only government intervention is that the Florida Supreme Court must approve the language of the proposed amendment to make sure it is understood and enforceable. They really can't prohibit an amendment if it passes the legalese mustard test for legal language.

The other problem is that the US Supreme court has ruled that states can restrict the types of guns that are deemed legal in their states.

The good thing is that this won't get on the ballot this time around and hopefully never, but doing a state constitutional amendment by voter referendum is scary.
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