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Originally Posted by Striker2237 View Post


I dropped the gun off at Wilson last bash sporting the .460 Rowland barrel that I hacked into the gun to fit (SO much had to be removed from the hood of the barrel to fit the breech face) with my low skill level with 1911s and all. I asked the gun be special high grit polished and in house blued as per Rogers suggestion after handling a few of his guns and quite liking the looks. I also requested a gold bead front, low mount adjustable rear, true GI safety, flat pre-A1 mainspring housing, and to correct anything I messed up when jamming the barrel in there. Bill was $1075 and I was not charged for correcting the barrel according to the invoice.

I'm glad to have been a part of helping you understand the addiction of blued guns!

As for all the work they did on it, as you are realizing - they take a lot of pride in their work and their craftsmanship, and attention to detail is one part of that. The new test target is not surprising since the did barrel fitting work; I'm pretty sure anytime they do that kind of work (barrel fitting) it will get a through test-fire protocol along with new test target. Welcome to the Wilson club!

Oh, and I agree with others above - no collection is complete without a 1911 in Turnbull Charcoal Blue, it is mesmerizing in its own way!

And I will say that, in my personal experience, a well done blue is not as fragile as some seem to think. Shoot the snot out of it, and if the bluing ever gets worn to a place where you think it needs refreshing, it can be refreshed pretty nice. You may find that a blued 1911 with holster wear is nicer looking than a pristine one, but that sometimes takes a few decades to develop that perspective of seeing the story the gun is telling through that wear! Enjoy that refurbished Colt, and shoot the crud out of it!
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