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One pound of gunpowder equals 7,000 grains...… In your post:

If we look at eliminating outliers, charges at or over .06 gr. Which is my “goal”
How can you even measure a variance of 6 hundredths of a grain.... I assume "gr" is "grains" since the abbreviation for a gram is either "g" or "gm"

I have found that when making ammo for precision shooting like "slow fire" at 50 yards, there is more variance in the lot numbers of powder concerning accuracy. Using ball powders may offer better consistency of the powder charge through most powder measures. When testing loads with a chronograph, low standard deviation does not always equate to better accuracy.....

I don't use a Dillon 650, and purchased a Dillon RL-1050 about a year after they were on the market.....so my RL-1050 is about 30+ years old. It is a very good press for most all pistol cartridges, but Dillon improved the cam linkage to allow reloading longer cartridges, and changed the name to the Dillon Super 1050 which IMHO, is the "best" hand operated press, and neither the RL-1050 or the newer Super 1050 use a "bracket" to hold the powder rod activator..... I also don't think when using a D650 that a brass bushing for the power activator rod is necessary, since a steel rod through a brass bushing my gave more drag than a steel rod through the plastic white bushing supplied by Dillon.....I have no idea if the "galvanic reaction" of steel on brass makes any difference.....

I also have a Dillon 550 that has a bracket for the powder rod activator, and the powder rod passes through a white plastic bushing. The bracket is very sturdy and in the 35 years of use, it has never bent.....

If I had a D650 and if the bracket bent due to flexing, I would have welded a small piece of thicker steel to the bracket to strengthen the bracket.....or I may have called Dillon to order a new bracket.....I think the bent bracket may have been "operator error."

Tom Freeman is a Master shooter, and has three Dillon 1050's....he seems to like them also...!

Prior to the Dillon 1050, I used a Star machine progressive reloading press, which I still have and use for loading .45acp ammo. It used 00 brass powder charge bars with specific sizes to drop powders like Bullseye powder and others. I modified my Star to use the Hornady/Pacific powder bushing system, which uses circular brass bushings with various hole sizes to dispense the powder charge. It also came with chart that shows how different powders meter different powder charges using the same bushing...… I have 14 brass bushings for different increments of powder charges and the brass bushings are extremely consistent when using Bullseye powder and other pistol powders. I have not found any powder measure that give consistent powder charges when using long extruded grain powders.....which I use for large caliber rifles.....so I will trickle charge to get the exact weight of powder charge....

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