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Originally Posted by RickB View Post
A disappearing art, bluing.
I've been trying to find someone locally to blue a gun, not wanting to add $100 shipping to the price of the work, and finally found someone, about two hours away.
Seemed like bluing was a bread-and-butter of every gunsmith, in the past.
Yup, I used to know several gunsmiths in the Seattle area who did bluing. That was 25 years ago. Now I don't know any. To be honest I don't even know any local gunsmiths who actually do GUNSMITHING anymore as opposed to just assembling AR-15s for customers.
Avoid the temptation to replace everything on your brand-new 1911 just to make it "better". Know what you're changing out and why. You may spend a lot of money fixing things that weren't broken to begin with. Shoot at least 500 rounds through it first, then decide what you don't like and want to improve. Regarding vintage 1911s, pre-1970 pistols are highly collectible in original, unaltered condition and should NEVER be refinished or modified as it completely ruins their monetary value.
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