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Regarding a scale, I'm on the hunt. The A&D FX-120i and Intell-Lab PM-100 look like great scales, but you're still facing .002 g (.03 gr) repeatability and that seems to be the standard in the upper end non-strain type precision scales. Getting inside that is interesting. The only scale I've found so far, and still searching is the Ohaus Pioneer PX163/E Precision Balance 160 g x .001 g. The Ohaus gets down to .001 g repeatability or about .02 gr and within reason, that appears to be the limit, unless we want to do a GoFundMe for a 5k+ scale for this and I doubt it....lol. I'm sure there are others, but still hunting for something less expensive and ideally, one I can simply borrow as this is outside my normal need/use case. The other option is to have Scott Parker tune my Lyman-Ohaus M5, but that wouldn't give a specific measurement although it would be more accurate. IMO, better suited to trickling than comparison.


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