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Most of the anti-slave movement in USA was fueled (ie extreme passion) by White-Christian's (many women). Most of the people who shed their blood to free slaves where White-Christian-Men from the North.

Contrary to what the Lefty wants us to believe today, the Civil-War was fought mostly over the issue of slavery. The Lefty wants to take the issue of slavery out of the picture so as not to give "credit" to the freeing of slaves to Christian's/White men (cause they hate both Christians and especially those who are white, and even more so men). These Christian's freed these slaves from a South run by the Democratic party back then. According to some sources, the OLD-South was a sort of Oligarchy (power concentrated with the big-plantation owners), with fascist elements like suppression of free speech (e.g., speaking out against slavery)...I don't know, but I would guess most of the Honorable soldiers in gray probably didn't own slaves, and just got caught up in this power struggle unfortunately.

Besides the fact that both the Lefty-South back then and the Lefty-today both claim state's-rights to maintain slavery and gun-grab (respectively), there isn't much of analogy today to the Civil war. There aren't any geographical boundaries today. Political sides have been scrambled all over the USA many times over since then.

Two side notes:

1)We know today's Lefty doesn't really believe in state's right's, except only when it is a Lefty run state.
2) The Pseudo-Oligarchy model of the OLD-South is not far from where the Lefty wants to take this country today. And indeed, exactly where any Socialist/communist society exist (power-concentration in a relatively few hands).
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