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Ordered an M9 today.

I have an M9A1 by the bed with light on it. However, I was in the Army during the transition from the M1911A1 to the Beretta. Shot both during that time in Division level competition. I've had my share of 92FS come and go, but it's just not the same as one that says M9 on it for those intangible, nostalgic things.

I didn't realize until I was looking a little closer on Bud's trying to figure out the difference in price between two different M9 Commercial models. Until I realized the one was listed with a professional purchase only. What we used to call LE purchase at one time. Turns out that Veterans, not just retired military, fall into that category now.

This one is also listed as a 25th Anniversary model (Bruniton finish, not the fancy one) and you can pick your serial number from the ones they had available. I picked one I could remember easy. I also prefer the post and dot sights over three dots.

Cash/Check price was $478 at the LE/Mil price. Nice since I see used 92FS for $500-550 around. Not advertising and I realize some here have had issues with Bud's (I've always had good service.), but if you are a Veteran check into their program. LE credentials are usually kept on file for one year. Vet credentials are kept for 10 years.

On a side note. I was looking at Hogue's website and clicked on their ivory polymer grips with the Army logo just to see. They have a note on any of the military logo grips that the government will not allow any of their symbols to be used on firearms related products anymore. There is also a note to write your representatives to push to change that.

Kinda pisses me off. I'm more interested in some G10 grips at the moment, but the idea is a kick. I can't get a set of grips for a firearm I'm getting to reflect and respect my time in the military with the logo of the branch I served in for over a decade. However, I can buy cheap, crappy (not even the good ones) Chinese knives with licensed logos of the different branches of the military that are officially licensed by those branches. I'm sure it's a bunch of civilians and bureaucrats who came up with all that. But it is still insulting.
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