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Originally Posted by M-Peltier View Post
Im 57 and wear contacts. I also wear readers to....read.

My answer for shooting is a pair of Elvex RX500 reader safety glasses in +1.0 power. My normal reading glasses are a +1.75. Due to the front sight being farther away than you would typically read a book, you don't need as much power. And don't worry if your target is a little blurry. That doesn't matter. And what a difference it also makes rummaging thru the range bag, loading mags etc. Try them, their only like $10.00 on amazon.
How does an 8" black paper target look to your eyes at say 20 or 25 yards? Is it crystal clear? If not, don't you find it hard to get an accurate shot off even if you are front sight focused?
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