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Originally Posted by Steven1127 View Post
I have a red dot on my handgun and will be 100% target focused...5 yards to 25 yards. So I think I won't need to bother with front sight distance.

Pilla or Randolph Engineering would be my top 2.

Originally Posted by jjfitch View Post
You didn't mention red dot optics in the OP!

You see through the optical plane where the dot is projected, the target stays in focus. Usually regular distance focus prescription lenses work just fine. Optical sights and red dot optics don't require corrective lenses except for astigmatism to eliminate "flare"!
From Dr. Wong

Normally, the best lens for the red-dot scope viewing will be the best distance prescription. Demonstrate this lens while the patient looks at the red dot while holding out the scope. Because the red dot in the scope is not focused at "optical infinity" (it is closer), try a +0.12 or a +0.25 diopter lens over the best distance prescription to see if the dot becomes even clearer. If possible, judgment would be best if the patient can view at a distance greater than the standard 20 feet and with outdoor lighting. If the dot is distorted, use the phoropter once again to verify cylindrical power and axis as the patient holds the pistol (or scope only) in front of the phoropter. Final results should be demonstrated with trial lenses. If the red dot never becomes clear and round after all lens possibilities have been demonstrated, then a careful determination of ocular health involvement needs to be assessed.

Other articles by Dr. Norman Wong, Precision Pistol Master, Distinguished Pistol, US Navy Marksmanship Team Member, and Optometrist. Geat information worth reading.

Shooting Illustrated - Shooting With Corrective Lenses - 2015 Hyperlink

Shooting Sports USA - Winning Vision Revisited - 2018 Hyperlink

Shooting Sports USA - Eye Dominance - 2011 Hyperlink

Star Reloaders - Ed Hall - Dr. Wong Articles - Hyperlinks

Bullseye Encyclopedia - Dr. Wong Articles - Hyperlink

Fundamentals of Bullseye Pistol Shooting with Brian Zins: Vision - Video Hyperlink

Shooting Sports USA - Iron In The Sun - 2013 - Hyperlink

One more article from another Doctor


Photo Escape Aperture Ring Kit (Sold on this development)

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