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The wrap arounds work with lower prescriptions. Otherwise they tend to cause more of a fishbowl effect with the curvature of the lens.

For high prescriptions, in my opinion inserts designed behind safety lenses work best as far as eye protection goes if you want a dedicated pair of prescription shooting glasses.

I have a very strong prescription with a myopic diopter of -8.50 for glasses and -8.00 for contacts. Given my very poor uncorrected vision, I see much better with contacts than with glasses since contacts give me peripheral and vertical vision that are otherwise lacking by the limited view from an eyeglass lens. So for me contacts with uncorrected safety lenses work best.

Even so, I still splurged and got a combo pair of prescription inserts and safety lenses. They work well, but I still prefer contacts and safety eye pro, but that’s just me. FWIW, I’m 53 and also need reading glasses when wearing contacts, but I can still see iron sights well enough without reading glasses or bifocals. I guess each person is different and what works for some may not work for others.
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