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Originally Posted by Steven1127 View Post
This is one of the websites I was looking at. I was very surprised how expensive the glasses are. What I don't know is are their lenses any different than buying a $10 pair of cheater glasses at a drug store with the same power prescription.
No they are not the same as cheater glasses from Walgreens. My shooting glasses are the exact same prescription as my everyday glasses so no training adjustments necessary for adapting when shooting. I donít have to worry if my shooting skills require having cheater glasses handy in a SD situation. Also the shooting glasses lenses and frames are designed for shooting safety with an ANSI z87 rating marked on the lenses. I chose a wrap around lense design and the prescription is spot on. These are custom fit for your need. So yes they are expensive but my eye sight is important to me. Safety first then worry free clear sight acquisition without fussing over focus, tilting my head, changing eye dominance to see the target etc. it just works for me. I am fortunate to be able to afford the best eyewear I can.
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