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Originally Posted by GTTom View Post
I used Tactical RX for my shooting glasses. Good customer service. I have progressive prescription glasses for everyday use that are tri-focal. Near for reading, mid length for computer use and long distance. When I had my last eye exam and prescription updated I sent the prescription to Tactical RX and they made me a pair of shooting glasses with the same progressive prescription. My shooting glasses are also transition lenses so I can shoot indoor or out doors. The mid length prescription works for me for sight acquisition as its about the same arm lengths distance for computer use. You go online and select the style glasses you like and they send you the glasses to try on for fit before you order. The downside is they are not cheap but I also use the shooting glasses for bike riding and sports so they get more use than just shooting.

This is one of the websites I was looking at. I was very surprised how expensive the glasses are. What I don't know is are their lenses any different than buying a $10 pair of cheater glasses at a drug store with the same power prescription.
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