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I have worn progressive lenses for more than 20 years. I shoot IDPA, USPSA and ICORE. Originally I went for single vision shooting glasses. I'm right eye dominant so the right lens was set with a focal length based on the distance from my eye to the front sight, with the left lens set for distance. I had different color eye shields and the Rx lenses fit in an insert behind them.

That system worked but not optimally. Multiple lenses to keep clean. Switching the color of the shields dependent on light conditions and not being long gun friendly.

Solved all those by getting a pair of photosensitive progressive glasses made up by a company that understands shooting...


These are terrific - indoors, outdoors, sun, overcast - never a need to change lenses. No time needed to acclimate to the glasses when switching from everyday eyewear to the shooting glasses (it always took 10 - 15 minutes to adjust to the single vision set-up). The company was a breeze to deal with - absolutely no hassle.

You can thank me later.

Good luck.


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