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Originally Posted by woody b View Post
I'm not a fan of "special" prescription glasses for shooting. In a real world self defense situation the bad guy isn't going to wait and let you put on your special glasses.
Is this for self defense or the range?

Originally Posted by Steven1127 View Post
I'll be using them mostly for indoors so I don't need sunglasses. Is it worth looking into getting yellow lens or is that just silly? Anti-glare or no (costs up to $100 to get that)?

Lots of great options, what is your price range?

I didn't like yellow lenses indoors with a dot, but that is purely personal preference, lots of terrific shooters use them with great success. I would buy a cheap pair and try them before investing in a prescription version. Or, go high end and be able to swap your lenses on the frame as desired. Back to budget. Yes to anti-glare.
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