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Originally Posted by Shawn6518 View Post
Imagine if Glock made a 1911... What would the general consensus be with us (the market) ? I own a Glock 17 personally and for what it was designed for it's been remarkable! With that said it's not my favorite gun in the box. I use it for my truck gun. Stays in my console holstered. It's reliable and accurate. But it's as ugly as hammered dog crap! No curb appeal whatsoever. I've had it a couple of years now with the round count less than 100 through it. Would anyone of y'all consider buying a Glock 1911?
[B][I]I think that it is a ridiculous question. I did not read all of the replies.

However, I liken it to asking if John Deere made a Corvette would you consider buying it? There are so many variables involved (ifs) how can it be answered reasonably?
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