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Originally Posted by magazineman View Post
What RandyP was saying is correct. The most coveted 1911 on Earth (Singer) was made by a company completely unrelated to guns.

Meaning, why would anyone care who the manufacturer is? If the gun is good, it's good.

Big name respected gun makers have made & sold turds. Their name & company history did not help them. And non-gun makers have created some nice stuff.

So if Glock, or freakin' Jimmy Dean Sausages made an awesome gun I'd be on board. I don't care what company they are.

I'll leave the designer label "who are you wearing?" brand-devotion stuff to the fashion chicks.
I agree, I wasn't a Glock fan our dept went to them so I had to. I was a rangemaster so we went to school to learn Glock. I got to shoot a lot of them teaching & carrying on duty. I learned two things, they work & if they don't work it's probably the shooter. Oh maybe three things, they aren't picky about magazines, if it's a Glock magazine of proper caliber for the gun it's likely going to work.
Soooo if Glock made a 1911 (out of steel) I'd be interested.
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