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Originally Posted by coyotebuster View Post
I received an e-mail from WC's customer service today. After looking at the photos I sent at their request, they requested I return the pistol to be refinished, and are sending out a shipping label. Hopefully they located a pint of the old stuff.
Thanks Grandpas, the gold bead is flat. I'm very impressed with it. I had a brass bead front sight on a Colt Wiley Clapp CCO, and it didn't stand out near as well as this gold bead front sight does.
I would be really surprised if you sent the gun off to WC and it came back looking any different than it does right now.

There have been a fair share of people wanting the previous Glossy Black AT, and requesting their gun to be refinished in it, but they all come back Flat Black. Just research this forum and read yourself.

There's a comment from WC Rep a while back regarding the Glossy Black AT, Here's his quote: " As far as AT, we are always improving the process and materials. I am sorry but its an evolution. Lots of things impact the look of the finished product."

There's no pint of the old stuff laying around.

Your gun looks good, but it looks more Grey than it does Black.

A friend of mine has a WC pistol with some wear on the frame. He sent his pistol back to them about 4 weeks ago to be refinished in Black AT. It came back looking worse than before he sent it. He sent me before and after photos. I just can't believe WC sent it back to him looking that way. He called WC the day he received it back, emailed them a photo, and got a refund.

I've bought 5 WC pistols, everything from EDC X9 to Supergrade. No one loves WC more than I, but I'm kinda concerned about what I've been seeing lately.

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