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Originally Posted by bradsvette View Post
Be careful what you wish for. Now it seems that you'll get your shiny finish. I love them too, but not for a carry gun. Carry guns are going to get dinged up. Whatever... You'll have a beautiful, shiny blue carry gun that will ultimately get some scratches, dings, and wear spots. The matte finish would have held up much better.
I have a gloss black AT CQB compact that was built in 2008. It shows a bit of honest wear, but I love it. The honest wear does not bother me at all. I carry my pistols extensively as my off duty carry guns, but am not at all hard on them. I bought this ULCC used, and it had a gloss black AT slide / a gray AT frame. It had been carried by the original owner in a Kydex holster and showed a lot of more than honest wear. I was not a fan of the two tone so part of my decision to buy the gun was the belief that I could have it easily refinished to look like my CQB when it was new. I've bought into Wilson's AT finish system with its ease and low cost of a refinish when desired without wear to roll marks or rounding of edges. I just don't want to see them discontinue a popular and desirable color with no identical replacement.
The gun I carry each day on the job, is a stainless Colt Defender that I had customized including having the stainless slide and other steel parts finished in Ion Bond. The gun looks like a 70's blue steel Colt with matte rounds and polished blue flats. I've carried my Defender every day for the past eight years, and it shows zero wear other than some shining up of some high points on the black anodized frame. If they ever need it again my Wilson's will refinished in Ion Bond.
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