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Thanks for the words of encouragement guys. I understand that the main purpose of a defensive pistol is to reliably send a projectile to its intended target, and that this pistol will absolutely do that.

I've concluded that I will happily continue carrying this pistol, and will continue to enjoy shooting it for many years to come. I was aware of the possibility that WC may no longer be able to refinish the gun using the gloss black AT I would have preferred, so I have no reason to complain. The gun shoots great, functions perfectly, and the new front sight is properly zeroed, and as visible as I hoped it would be. I have no other handgun, of any kind, that is as accurate and easily shootable as this ULCC. I just hope that sometime soon, Wilson will bring the gloss black AT back. I'll have this gun on the truck back to Arkansas as soon as they do.
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