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Originally Posted by combat auto View Post
Originally Posted by Striker2237 View Post
It's 5" overall, there is one in my LGS I can take detailed pictures of if you would like. NHC unlike Wilson will do whatever you want and use whoever's parts you want for crazy one off stuff. They in my personal opinion are more nicely (if a little inconsistent gun to gun) finished and are tighter guns (not always a good thing) and the ability to have them make you ANYTHING comes into play sometimes.

The firehawk will have less recoil than your 5" comped gun due to more static mass and very long stroke and very effective springs and a good comp. It's very impressive and I was tempted at first to order a DS 9mm with optics to replace my Brown but the reliability differential held me back.
Yea thanks, picks would be nice, but only if you are going there anyway, please don't make a special trip...

I think then that the NH is carryable then just like any non-comped 5". My 5" plus C-Comp is not really carryable short of a shoulder holster.


1) Keep in mind, on my 5" plus comp, the (additional) weight of the comp is hanging off the end of the gun which is also dampening recoil. It is like a flange barrel on steroids just because of the weight and how it extends out beyond the muzzle per se (+ the comp action of course). With this in mind, do you still think the NH would be a lower recoil gun?

2) You know my pet peeve about getting a sub 3.5# trigger from WC without signing a wavier. Do you know if NH does sub-3.5#'s without documentation?

3) How is the NH 5" stroke longer than any other 5" gun?

4) Have you had an opportunity to shoot the NH?
My NHCs both spec at 3.5 since that's where I wanted them but feel literally like a 2lb trigger, as I have mentioned in my review of the T3 NHC does triggers without equal. They will go as low as 2lb actual (feels lighter than my Czechmates 1.2) and I think they will do even lower if requested for a pure target/show off gun.

The stroke is longer because they are using a compact slide on a full size frame section and using the comp as the lockup area and to fill in the gap that would otherwise be there if you used a compact side on a full-size lower. I'll send pictures of this system since it's very hard to describe in words but it effectively allows full travel with the lighter slide meaning very very easy to predict recoil with low impulse. If I ever abandon CZ it will be for one of their 2011s due to this feature.

I have shot one and it is the lowest recoil .45 weapon I have ever used. Only my .460 full-size mutiport with .45 loaded is softer but that's technically not a .45

To keep this on topic it would be totally game changing if Wilson offered the experior with that sort of top end and the EDC frames crazy reliability. Surefire way to dominate games with a gun like that and is what I'm really hoping for one day so ALL my guns are Wilson and I don't have to make exceptions due to performance when competing.
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