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Certainly a scenario where real world training and repetition will reveal the "weak-link" aspects of a shooter's tendencies.

I don't think that this exact scenario is one that would pertain to me because I don't anticipate a time where I'd be going from both hands empty, to both hands drawing a light + gun + getting off timed shot.

I can see where I'd be in the dark and drawing a light and employing it. The gun being drawn and brought to the party would be a separate act....once the decision was made that it was needed.

* I do see value in your drilling this in keeping the hand/arm deploying the light well out of the path of the gun's sweep.

* After drawing & aiming the gun I can safely reposition my light bearing hand/arm to better support & brace my gun grip.

What I want to train / drill / practice is:
1) light drawn and deployed: from pocket, belt or holster.
2) light bearing hand pulled back against sternum as gun hand reaches for drawing weapon
3) gun drawn and "aimed" as light bearing hand stays pressed against sternum.
4) Light bearing hand repositions from sternum out to support gun bearing hand and assist with maintaining secure integrated hold + aiming of weapon & light.

All the above being said.....I've had no formal hands-on training and haven't benefited from actual coursework. I'm just wanting to make things safe while engraining a natural repetition to my process.
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