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PCC in a pistol match

Why would you want to hamstring them....?
I don't want to see a short barreled rifle participating in a competitive pistol match regardless if is in a separate division.....just as I don't want to see a shotgun with a 19 round magazine in a competitive pistol match....and I own one and use it for 3-gun competition.....

I say let the short barreled rifle shooters (PCC) compete in two gun or three gun competition, or any other venues where rifles are used.....

I have listed all of the competitive advantages of a PCC compared to shooting a pistol in IDPA in my post.....no one has to agree with my rationale, nor do I have to compete with people that shoot shoulder mounted short barreled rifles in a pistol match! If the PCC was on a level playing field with pistols, then having a separate gun division would be fine.....but they are not.....

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