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A 22 rimfire of any kind would not be my first choice - however, I have a few 22LR firearms, and at least two would be with me should I have to walk out. I do not anticipate walking out.

Originally Posted by toodeepsam View Post
OK, I'm putting us back on topic.

Would I go into defense mode with a 22? Not if I had other choices. But I will do everything I can with a 22 during my "bug-in" and save the centerfires for the security work.
Bug-in, yup. I may not be the fittest warrior anymore, but I have enough wisdom to know when to hold'em or show'em.

Originally Posted by Redneck Jim View Post
IMO, any situation where one gets into firefights with ARs a blazing, well that is a lose lose for everyone.
I so heartily agree!

Originally Posted by wlhawk View Post
I don't want to ever be without my 10/22, Victory SW22, M1A and a 1911.
Substitute Marlin 60 and AR and I'm with ya.

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I'm a big fan of 22LR. A lot of past generations and about half a billion folk in the 3rd world still feed themselves with one. Thats pretty much the end of the discussion as those folks are living a version of what we would see as SHTF already.

It will kill small, but also medium and even large game with headshots( worse case) 50-75 yards. You wont be shooting at all your favorite angles and you won't be getting any awards for ethics, but a 22LR will penetrate 2" of pine, which covers a lot of skulls in the animal kingdom when you are hungry.

At the price you can buy 22LR, 20,000 rounds will keep you shooting long after the centrefire runs out.

The other advantage is 22LR weighs only .7lbs per 100 rounds. 223 is 3.5lbs, 308 is 5+lbs. If you are bugging out on foot forever it is the only ammo type you can carry several thousand rounds. Or if loading the truck to bug out forever, a lifetime supply fits in a suitcase.
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The title of this thread is "Will a 22 cal really have any value?" based on a SHTF scenario. The bottom line is absolutely. Anything is better than throwing sticks.
Common sense. I'll keep mine.

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I agree with the outlook that in a real SHTF scenario with famine involved, most anything furred, feathered or finned will be shot off or scared off darn quickly....BUT....from the practical standpoint, a semi auto .22 (pick your preference), most of them are inexpensive, easy to keep up, easy to learn on and inexpensive to own and shoot. Several bricks of CCI Mini Mags and a Marlin model 60 is way more gun than a thousand dollar miracle do all black rifle that you never can afford to get or shoot to proficiency.
And there it is - yes, the .22LR is certainly useful. I did read the whole thread, very interesting, lots off topic, but as they say, all information and perceptions have value to those that look for it.

Carry on folks!
Semper Fidelis!
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