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A belated Congrats!

I took the Tech and General together in 2015 and passed AE in Aug this year. Hamstudy.org and the great crew at (youtube) W4EEY helped me pass Extra first time thru.

I adopted the last 3 letters in my to memorialize the good friend that encouraged me to test for Tech & Gen same day. Sadly he went SK about a month before I passed the exams, unbeknownst to me until early this year.

Had a blast working Europe with my 100 watt mobile (while rolling) and playing at POTA in a nearby park. QTH is Maine, btw and I even worked a Cali station while mobile.

Find an aspect of the hobby that appeals to you and have fun, but get on the air. And remember, the bands are dead until someone presses that PTT thingie.

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